Health and Safety Policy

Health and Safety Policy

The Company has prepared this health and safety policy with guidance provided by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). This General Policy Statement confirms the commitment of the Company to comply with current legislation and is supported within the main Policy by two further parts, responsibilities and arrangements, together with the monitoring thereof. The Policy also provides such information as is necessary to assist those persons using it, to fulfil their obligations.

It is my responsibility together with Company Management to ensure that our working environment is safe, without significant risks and meets the appropriate statutory requirements. It is recognised that all levels of management and employees have a vital role in the implementation and maintenance of our health and safety programme.

It is our policy to reduce accidents, injuries and work-related ill health to the lowest level practicable. Where hazards exist we will evaluate, control and bring these to the attention of our employees. We all have a legal duty to co-operate in all safety related matters, not to endanger ourselves or others and not to misuse anything provided for safety. In particular, all persons are to ensure that appropriate safety rules are followed.

Within the Health and Safety Policy, specific duties have been assigned for the co-ordination and compliance with particular safety legislation appropriate to our business.

We will produce a 12 month, on-going Health and Safety Plan and budget to provide such insurance, external inspection, facilities, equipment and training as is required for those persons to fulfil their responsibilities.

All our employees will be given adequate information and training as is necessary to ensure their safety, during routine, unscheduled and emergency situations, together with the appropriate facilities and equipment.

Risk assessments, audits and general inspections will be undertaken at regular intervals by those trained to do so. This will enable management to identify significant hazards and plan for their elimination, reduction and control.

Whilst on our premises, visitors are to be accounted for, escorted and protected from workplace hazards. Contractors will be supervised and controlled.

Our policy will be reviewed annually or when appropriate and the changes will be brought to the attention of all employees.

Dwayne Seymour

Dwayne Seymour
Managing Director