GEDA 500ZZP/850 1000kg Goods (ONLY) Hoist


a) Goods/Materials ONLY Hoist – as stated-no persons/passengers allowed

Please Note: These hoists can be used with full height or half height landing gates but please be aware that there are different rules and regulations to follow depending on which type of hoist and landing gates are used.

Technical Data


Hoist Type: Goods/Materials or Goods(ONLY)
(Rack & Pinion)
Number of Masts: Single Mast
Payload - Persons & materials (Kg): N/A
Payload – Goods Mode Only (Kg): 850/1000 – depending on year of manufacture
Base unit weight (approx Kg): 885
Lifting Speed: 12 or 24 m/min (Twin speed)
Max. Lifting Height (general) (m): 100
Max Lifting Height (no wind) (m) 120
Max Tie Spacing: 6m
Length of Mast (m): 1.50
Mast Weight (Kg): 40
Platform Over load Protection: Automatic - Cuts out at 10% overload
Concrete Base Required: No


Platform Dimensions - (Standard Sizes)

Platform Width (m) 1.45
Platform Depth (m) 1.65

Linear loading platform or 'c' gate system (three way opening) - (Other options available upon request)

Loading Ramp Opening (m) 1.45
Unloading Ramp Openings (m) 1.45

Electrical Data

Power Supply: 415v 3 Phase (Neutral and earth, 5 core cable)
Motors: 1 x 3.0/6.1Kw (Twin speed)
Supply Amps: 16A per Phase
Start Up Amps: 1st Speed: 60A
1st to 2nd Speed: 40A
Running Amps: 1st Speed: 7.5A
2nd Speed: 13.8A
Generator Requirements: 20 KVA
Circuit Breakers: 'D' Rated