GEDA 500ZZP/850 5 persons – 500Kg Transport Platform


a) Transport Platform-(used for the carriage of persons and materials/goods at the same time)

Technical Data


Hoist Type: Transport Platform/Materials
(Rack & Pinion)
Number of Masts: Single Mast
Payload - Persons & materials (Kg): 5 Persons/passengers/500 or 400 + driver
Base unit weight (approx Kg): 885Kg
Lifting Speed: 12/24m/min (Twin speed)
Max. Lifting Height (general) (m): 100m
Max Lifting Height (no wind) (m) 120
Max Tie Spacing: 6m
Length of Mast (m): 1.50
Mast Weight (Kg): 40
Platform Over load Protection: Automatic - Cuts out at 10% overload in either mode
Concrete Base Required: No
Roof: Yes, required when used as transport platform for persons


Platform Dimensions - (Standard Sizes)

Width between Masts (m) 1.45
Platform Depth (m) 1.65

Linear loading platform or 'c' gate system (three way opening) - (Other options available upon request)

Loading Door s Opening (m) 1.45
Unloading Ramp Openings (m) 1.45

Electrical Data

Power Supply: 415v 3 Phase
(neutral & Earth, 5 core cable)
Motors: 1 x 3.0/6.1 Kw (Twin Speed)
Supply Amps: 16 per Phase
Start up Amps: 1st speed: 60A
1st to 2nd speed: 40A
Running Amps: 1st Speed: 7.5A
2nd speed: 13.8 A
Generator Requirements: 20 KVA Minimum
Circuit Breakers: 'D' Rated