What we offer

If you are working in construction, then chances are you might find yourself in need of a professional hoist hire company. This can be true for professional construction companies, as well as sub-contractors who are engaged in restoration and or construction.

One thing that you may not realise about hoist hire services is that there are different types of hoists that are offered, and that these will vary from job to job. So, in order to make sure that you are using the right hoist for the job you will want to look over the different types that are offered to see which one will fit in with your specific needs.

The good news is that most hoists can be adapted to fit the needs of the job that you are working on.

The company specialises in the provision of hoisting equipment to construction and industrial clients. We have a large range of hoists. Our ever expanding fleet of hoists range from 150 kg Scaffold Hoists to 2000 kg Passenger Goods Hoists. Currently most of our equipment is under two years old, and with a commitment to continued investment you can expect clean, reliable machines on all hire contracts.

So, when you are looking over the different options to consider from a hoist hire service you should know exactly what your needs are and how each hoist will work for you. The largest problem is that too many times people do not think through all of the aspects of a job before they decide on a hoist. This does not happen that frequently with larger construction companies, but is more of a problem with smaller roofing and repair companies.

Our team has many years of experience in the industry and we are always happy to advise on equipment available and alternative methods of approaching the job in hand.

We offer an efficient quotation service, backed up with free site visits to assess your requirements and offer advice on the most suitable and cost effective equipment for any particular task. We also provide pre installation site visits to ensure that the installation and commissioning runs as smoothly as possible and averts any costly delays.

Method statements and risk assessments are provided free on all hire contracts, as is training for up to eight people.

The true test of any business is the service they are able to offer, and we understand that any down time may cost you money, so we promise to attend site within 24 hours of any reported breakdown. Naturally, we will endeavour to respond much quicker.

Today's high-rise buildings are a reflection of modern design and unique aesthetic values. Floor setbacks, special curtain wall systems and unusual roof treatments are a few of the factors our engineers contend with on a regular basis. Working closely with customers, they can quickly and accurately generate the right scheme for each project. You'll find our people are some of the most knowledgeable in the country on the application of construction hoist equipment.

With management holding nearly 30 years of experience, our fleet is one of the most modern and best maintained in the industry. We are proud to have supplied vertical transportation systems for construction of one of Yorkshires tallest buildings.